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Gravity-Fed Versus Agitated Hoppers

By Tony B

The debate between gravity fed and agitated hoppers rages on as paintballers everywhere try to decide which choice will provide them with the best possible results. Here are a few key points for each style and how they compare head to head.


A gravity fed hopper is essentially a container with paintballs in it. It sits casually on top of your gun and feeds those paintballs one at a time into the gun - or at least they are supposed to. These are generally the cheapest hopper options available and have a low rate of loading due to the speed of gravity and the bouncing of the paintballs off of each other. If you are firing too quickly, the balls in the hopper will stick to each other and form an arch over the hole, stopping the feed of paintballs. You can shake the hopper to fix the problem, but it will generally slow your rate. The basic problems with gravity fed hoppers are the reason why an agitated hopper was developed.


These hoppers contain a motor that connects to a paddle spinning and breaking up the arches that form when the paintballs gather over the feed hole. This ensures the paintballs keep feeding into the gun at a steady pace, pushing through the hole and not slowing down your shots.

The speed difference between from a gravity operated to agitated hopper is actually non-existent. However, because there is no break in the feed of paintballs, you do not need to stop and shake them free for any reason. They will continually feed. Agitated hoppers are slightly more expensive than their gravity fed counterparts - starting at and rising rapidly from there.

The agitated hopper comes in multiple different forms as well. You can find some with very simple, straight paddles that push the paintballs through the feed hole. Others will have paddles that are shaped like propellers to physically move the paintballs downward into the gun. They will not spin constantly most of the time; rather they move only when the balls stop feeding into the gun, making them more efficient. This is done with a small sensor that will detect a gap between paintballs feeding through. If the gap grows too large, the paddles will start spinning. A single 9-volt battery is usually sufficient to run an agitated feeder.

Force Fed

A force fed hopper does a little bit more than an agitated hopper by actually forcing the paintballs into the chamber from the hopper. It will usually have the paintballs fall to either side of a cone, then rotate the cone to drop the paintballs into the chamber one at a time. This kind of hopper will continually force feed paintballs for as long as necessary to keep you firing at a constant rate. These machines are highly efficient and reliable, but can cost as much as 0 for a low end model.

When making a choice between hoppers, remember what you need for your outing. If you are playing speedball, you will definitely need at least an agitated feeder to ensure constant firing - while woodsball with a few beginner friends will likely be okay with a gravity fed hopper.

About the Author: Tony Brian is a freelance writer for outdoor sports magazines and a contributing writer for paintball store specializing in force fed hopper and gravity fed hopper.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    Are automatic feeders (gravity controlled) ok for cats under 1 year and older than 6 months?
    I just got 2 cats a little over 6 months and I'm wondering if they're not "old enough" to be able to eat by themselves/on their own schedule. I'm not talking about the electronically controlled feeders.
    Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      Well, usually cats aren't very good at self-regulating their diets and end up overweight. I would go ahead and just put all the food they're apportioned for each day in there, and when it's gone, it's gone.
      This way, they can eat at their leisure and you won't have to do feed them more than once a day. Just look at the directions on the packaging, and if it says 1 1/2 cups for each per day, just go ahead and put in three cups of food for both of them. Then just refill 24 hours later.
      Best of luck!!

    Is it illegal to have gravity feeders in wisconsin?
    we have a one are they illegal?!

    • ANSWER:
      I assume you mean a gravity feeder for feeding wild deer.

      Look here:

      Yes, it is illegal to feed wild deer in Wisconsin unless you're using the feed as bait to lure them for hunting, which is legal n some counties.

    I'm looking for large gravity Pet Feeders that do not contain Microban?
    I bought the Le Bistro Feeder and Waterer from and it is made with Microban which is very dangerous. Anyone know of any that don't contain it?
    Sorry, it's

    • ANSWER:
      You get 2 bowls, plastic or metal. Put water in one and food in the other. Cheap, simple, and safe.

    Looking for a gravity feeder for gerbils?
    My sons gerbils either turn there food bowl over or fill it full of bedding. I am looking for a small gravity feeder that can hang on the crittertrail cage. Does anyone know where to get one. I have looked on the net but can't find anything small enough.

    • ANSWER:
      I just sprinkle food onto my gerbils' bedding. It is instinct for them to bury their food which is why they often bury their food bowl. And if a food bowl is being tipped over, it is because it is too light. Often people will use a ceramic bowl instead.

      Crittertrail cages in general don't work out well for gerbils. Plastic is dangerous to them and it is easy for them to escape. Chewing on wire can break their teeth and cause sores on their nose as well as other issues.

      The best place for a gerbil is a 10-20 gallon glass aquarium with a mesh lid.

    Does anyone know where I can find a design for a gravity feed turkey feeder?
    I am interested in the barrel type feeder, I've seen pictures of a barrel with holes around the bottom where turkeys stick their heads in to feed. They are very expensive on-line and I can't see there being that much to it. I'm sure you could build one alot cheaper.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a link to a design that looks pretty good.

    Guinea Pigs, do i need double of everything since im getting two? will the gravity bin feeder make them heavy?
    I am getting two girl guinea pigs this weekend and i purchased the gravity bin feeder for them. and i was wondering if this would make them heavier due to the unlimited amount of food. also since im getting two, does this mean i need double water bottles, feeders, igloos, ect. the cage i purchased is 40'l 21' h and 20'w. plus i would be takeing them out every day for atleast 2 hours. need help !! and advice

    • ANSWER:

    How long can a mouse be left?
    How long can a mouse be left if you give it one of those gravity bin feeders (which gives it an on-going supply of food) and lots and lots of water? Do you think it could be left for a week?
    If you think it would be ridiculous not to see to it everyday then tell me! I've never owned a mouse before, which is why I am asking. I was just wondering as my friend left her snake for 2 weeks... but they only need to eat once a week.
    well if I got mice I would get more than one so they wouldn't get bored. They aren't really the kind of animal that like handling a lot anyway.

    • ANSWER:
      In theory you can leave them for a week the way you have outlined, but, gravity hoppers can still be pooped and pee'd in at the bottom and also there is a risk that the water bottle could get blocked in some way, if you have someone just to pop in once or twice in the week or even each day (that would be my option) just to check that all is ok, also small creatures can have the habit of dying unexpectedly, so that would not be very pleasant for the remaining mouse or indeed yourself when you get home.

    Gravity bin feeder for GUINEA PIGS...?
    I was wondering if anyone has used this specific item for their guinea pig?

    I have read reviews and it seems like its worked for the most part, but Im just curious with your guys personal experience...We are going out of town for 3 days and dont really trust anyone to check up on them. We would bring them, but we have to drop my two dogs off at a pet hotel and I dont really want them in the car together obviously...

    If you can answer how long is lasts your piggies as well? I have two.

    Thanks so much in advance!!!
    Its gonna be a car full. We have a Ford Escape which isnt very big & its going to be myself, my husband, my 2 year old, and the two dogs. Also going to have a bunch of stuff we are bringing with us, including a Pack N Play for my kid.
    Yeah, i only plan on using it while we are out of town...
    Theres no one I trust with my guinea's too check in. We will be back home early tues. morning so we will change their water right when we get home.

    • ANSWER:
      Gravity bin feeders work fine for pigs, though metal ones are better than the plastic one you have shown. It should last several days. I totally disagee with the advice about limit feeding pellets. If a pig has a good supply of pellets and hay, it will balance its intake of both based on what its body needs. If you limit feed, you remove the animal's ability to maintain the balance.

      The bigger issue when away from home is water. Bottles can run out, leak to empty, have the ball get stuck or fall off the cage any of which leave your pig high and dry. 2 or 3 days without water would be very hard on your pig. Even if it doesn't run out, 3 day old water can get pretty nasty!

      So, even if you load up the food and water, have someone come in and check. Call them to check up on them if you must or have two different people come in as a fail safe, but do have someone come in. Any time we are gone for more than 24 hours, we have a sitter come in.

    Better food? Better method? What's best?
    Hello, I currently feed my little girl a mixture of organic blue buffalo mixed with the Longevity mature blue buffalo, and the evolution blue buffalo with the lynx on the front. I mix them all in an air tight container and scoop from there into her little bowl when I feed my kitties.
    My mom has multiple gravity feeders, each with their own food. She mixes it up but usually has some royal canine, some purina and other things, all separated in different feeders.
    Which is a better method?
    Does it matter?
    And for that matter, what's a fantastic brand for cats?
    What's the best brand of food for them?
    They're all about 7-8 years old, so I've incorporated senior/mature foods into their diet.
    They all have filtered water dishes/fountains, fresh grass, wet food for breakfast every other day if not every day. I mix vitamins like the missing link and what not into the wet food.
    Anything else I can do for them?

    • ANSWER:
      First, there is absolutely nothing wrong with mixing foods. What little dry is fed at my house is a mix of EVO, CA Natural, and Wellness. The Blue Buffalo is a fine brand of food - so don't worry about that at all. I don't like the gravity feeders for a couple of reasons. One is that it encourages overeating, and two, is the food can get stale and exposed to things like ants. What little dry I feed is carefully measured and put in a dish, so that it's consumption can be carefully monitored.

      You're doing great with what you're doing, but I'd suggest increasing the amount of canned. As cats get older, it's more and more important to feed them as much canned as possible, as there is a link between dry foods and kidney disease. Even with the water fountains, cats don't drink enough to compensate for they dehydrating effect of dry foods, and this in time will damage the kidneys.

    What is the science of a bird feeder?
    I already have gravity and newton's 2nd law are there any more you can think of? i need a total of 5 diferent types so please help me!
    c'mon people i really need help here! my project is due 2marrow and its 50% of my final grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      In general, there just isn't very much going on in a bird feeder. That makes your question difficult.
      1. Friction -There is friction between seeds and between the seeds and the feeder.
      2. Biology? The birds need to recognize that the feeder contains food.
      3. Mechanics - the perch needs to be constructed so that it can hold the weight of the bird.

    My guinea pigs use their food bowl as a personal toilet.?
    I have 2 female Guinea pigs and they are constantly fighting. I think that the dominant one eats as much as she can then pees in both food bowls so our other one can't eat. Because of this she is also a little overweight. I was thinking of getting one of those gravity bin feeders. Does anyone know if those even work? ANyone have the same problem? And how did you fix it?
    We were considering separating them but we just dont have the money for the extra cage. We had one of those with the screws when they were babies. They couldn't reach it though lol so we took it back. I think I might buy a couple of those and try it out. Thankies <333

    • ANSWER:
      ugh, i have that problem with one of our dogs.

      he won't quit peeing in his food dish. and we have tried everything.
      so now we just have to clean it like 3 times a day:(

    Info and help with Gerbils?
    Mk, let me first start by saying this. I'm not a gerbil person. I have 5 leopard geckos and dogs. But thanks to some terrible people contacting me when i tried to rehome little Boots(his names) I'm terried to rehome him. A person whatd to feed him to there snake(I know they need food to servive but i also know gerbil are bad for snakes so it'd have been senseless to do that not to mention heart breaking) and the only other person who wanted him was a breeder(terrible on at that!) Idk what home would have been worse but I'd rather learn to like the little gerber gerb then to seal its fate in such a way. I also didnt buy him. My little sister did for her other one for company but it didnt work out so I tried to rehome it(posted on cragilist) and here we are.So any info you can give me would be great! I'll include a pic of his cage right here: It good? I didnt like how people just put them in 10 gallons so i spicied up a 15 gallon for him(the flooring is cardboard over wire so his feet dont get suck). He seems to love it^^. I will admit he is growing on me. Hes taming really fast!(alot easier then my geckos were!XD) Mk now for the questions

    1) I know the food with bird seed in its basically junk food(I love rats so i know that muchXD) So whats a good brand to feed him?

    2) Beddings? I know some beddings can kill rodents but which kind? I have him on pine I believe.

    3)treats? Im thinking about making some treats for him with bird seed, peanut butter, and yogert bits. Do they like peanut butter? I know mice do. What are some good ones to buy? Yogurt thingys? those bird seed balls? What do yours like? Are carrots ok for them? I gave him the extra i had for my feeder bugs. do they like grass?! hay?

    4) Is elmers glue non- toxic to them? the kind that says it. i wanna make him a little home out of popsickle sticks and that.

    5) what are things to avoid all together?(if there are any)

    6) watering. Right now I'm using a cermic dish but he keeps getting bedding in it so I'm thinking about buying a glass water bottle thingy. (glass coz plastic makes stuff taste bad) Would that be ok? Or should I keep the dish?

    7) Should I give him a little place with dirt in it? Since they love to dig?

    8) Does he need to go to the vet? He's not carrying anything that could affect me?(I get sick easily) He's bright, eatings good, drinking, everything that seems right. No lumps or anything. He's about 3 months or so. Are there supplements I shold be giving him?(I ask since I do for my geckos).

    9) CAN THEY BE LITTER BOX TRAINED??!??! this would be amazing if they can. But as i see he just poops where ever. I know Rats and rabbits can be but can gerbils?

    10)What are some other things i can make for him? Right now i made him a hammack(putting it in soon) a gravity feeder(really neatXDD) litttle homes(that he destroys over night=-= thats why i ask about the elmers so i can make them last a bit longerXD)

    So as you can see I need a bit of help. Sorry for asking so many. If you dont think its fair to only get 10 points to best answer then I could post a fake question and give ya a extra 10 points if you want.

    OH i almost forgot. I'm looking into getting him a different wheel since idk if his feet can get caught in the one I;m using now Which is best? the silent spinner ones i hear break easy and they like to chew them up. What about the comfort ones?? thanks!
    18 hours ago - 3 days left to answer.
    Additional Details
    I all ready know about the towel rolls and such. Thats a given for any rodent owner and i didnt think i needed to say itXD And PLEASE ONLY GOOD ANSWERS=-= Boots is only gonna live a few years so i want him to live in paradise! Please dont say gerbil food from the pet store coz guess what? they carry nothing but the trash kinda food(bird seed) and tell me all kinda of crap thats wrong(obviously wrong like they NEED alaphlfa hay, that they dont need anything in the cage but a hide wood and water=-= and that they need specail drop things in the water that cost 22.45!>.> idk if thats true its to de cholrinize water or something and I got a well so our water isnt like town water)
    As i said I DID LITTLE RESEARCH i dont exactly have hours to search for info right now=-= I just wanted advice from people who KNOW about GERBILS and not filthy hamsters=-= Thanks to anyone that can help if you cant please dont answer=-=
    And no i didnt make up the thing about the plastic. Its a fact. All animals will drink more water out of glass NOT plastic. It makes water go stail and leaves a nasty taste in there mouth. Ive been told by 3 vets and read it numerous times online. =-=

    • ANSWER:
      The cage is great! As long as you change the litter once a week it's fine. And yes, gerbils are like rats, they are one of the friendliest rodents out there.
      1) You can buy gerbil food thats for gerbils and hamsters, it usually has seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, ect.) and some colored circles that has some nutrients in them.
      2) As long as it's not ceder, never use ceder with any animal. I like to use carefresh because it makes it easy for them to make nests in.
      3) They can eat fresh fruits and vegetables as long as it doesn't have citrus(in tropical fruits like oranges) They can have all seeds that are unsalted and uncooked. They also make gerbils treats.
      4) Just make him a cardboard house out of a box or you can buy one at petco, but you have to replace them every so often.
      5) Cats, introducing another gerbil for a play date, it takes them a while to get used to each other, but most of the stuff is common sense. No sharp edges, ect.
      6) Water bottles are fine, even plastic ones. It allows him to have access to water all the time, as long as theres water in the bottle.
      7) They don't need dirt, just give him a thick floor of bedding.
      8) Unless he appears sick, you don't need to take him to the vet. And he does not need supplements, just make sure you feed him treats every now and then to keep him interested.
      9) No, they can not be litterbox trained. You can't let them out to wader around in your room either. You could buy him a little plastic ball to run around in on the floor though.
      10) Just use your imagination.
      As for wheels, get something durable and can't be eaten.
      Also, every time you clean the tank, mix up his toys in different locations so he doesn't get bored.
      And pet stores are the wrong place for information, ignore everything they say and buy a good information book.

    Help with my Rabbit...Its crazy and I dont know what to do!?
    So a few years ago, I was so excited when my Dad said I could get a bunny rabbit. I read about how nice and cuddly they are! I did tons of research and posted many questions here on Yahoo! Answers on how to care for him well.

    We bought him at a pet store, the last bunny left in the cage ( Was that maybe a warning sign or something?)

    He was just a few months old, a dwarf mix, and sweet as can be. I used to let him hop around on the couch and on my bed, or in a playpen. Then my Dad started letting him run around the apartment. I didn't approve of that, there were so many things that he could get into and get hurt on! But Dad insisted and kept doing it.

    Pretty soon, he started to not want human interaction at all! He didn't like to be handled anymore and growled at me even when I was just filling his food!

    A year passed, Dad moved and we got Shadow an outdoor hutch at my moms house. Hes not as food aggressive now that we have a gravity feeder, but I tried to keep him used to human interaction still. He would refuse to be lifted up for any period longer then 2 seconds.

    I cant say he LIKES being petted. I think he TOLERATES it. Or hes afraid of me. He like, growls at me sometimes! Epecially when hes in his smaller winter cage and Im trying to get him out for excersise

    Its hard to clean his cage because I cant get him in the carrier without chasing him around his HUGE hutch. He doesn't get out of the cage really, except in the winter when he comes inside, I let him hop around my room or the bathroom. I thought we could get a bond then but NOPE. He still barley comes near me.

    Its been 3 years! Im at my wits end! If I don't have food then he could care less about me coming to visit him during the day. If I try to be nice to him he wont have it. I tried ALL the techniques, and Im losing every shred of hope in Rabbits as good pets.

    It also upsets me a lot. Sometimes I feel like hes not even domestic ( He attacked my dog too!) and that hed be better off if I just set him free to be wild and mate with females and make babies.

    But I KNOW I cant do that! Its cruel. And hed die.

    And my Mom wouldn't pay to get him neutered either, so don't even suggest it. I cant give him to a shelter, or my parents would lose all faith in me as a good pet owner! Id never get to have animals again probably! ( Im 15 btw)

    I should have gotten a Guinea Pig......
    But I need to know, Is it worth paying all that money? Will he still be indifferent and aggressive?

    Or is it a better Idea to give him up to a rescue....because thats embarassing after being dedicated and claiming to love animals...

    OR should I just deal with him because it was my own bloody fault for asking for a rabbit. But most books and care sheets never described anything like this

    • ANSWER:
      YOU should pay to get him neutered. There are ways for someone your age to make money. You would probably want about 0-200 for the neuter, but call some rabbit savvy vets to get a cost estimate. You can do baby sitting, pet sitting, lawn moving and other jobs in your community. You might even be able to get a part time job somewhere.

    HEAP applications rejected when using space heaters?
    Hello all,

    I just returned from the local HEAP heating program office and am pretty upset. Although my income is well below their limits, my application was rejected because I am using electric space heaters. This is due to a serious allergy to mercaptan, that irritating chemical that is mixed in with natural gas to make leaks detectable. I've been using electric heaters for 3 years. I am very careful with them and they are quite safe.

    My house was originally heated with a large, high-quality, Moores gas space heater, which was the only heat source. The house is an old, two-flat home built in the 1920s and there never was any furnace, after the gravity-feeder died in WWII. If you can call shoveling coal by hand into a cast-iron stove a furnace setup. I wouldn't. After speaking with a HEAP rep and her supervisor, I was told that since my electric bill does not indicate electricity as my primary heat source (it says "other"), and the house originally used a gas space heater, they cannot issue a benefit payment toward my electric bill OR my gas bill.

    The electric company wants furnaces that are permanently installed. In this economy? You'd think these people would be happy that I am saving energy and have reduced my heating bill by 2/3rds. I suspect the power company just wants the option of being able to shut off the power to customers without being sued for turning off the heat, too.

    So apparently I have no “primary heat source” because there is no furnace. No furnace, no HEAP money. And there is no money to install a furnace.

    Here in Buffalo we have about 50,000 two-flats from the 1920s, some even earlier. Most of these houses have never had furnaces installed on the top floor, and rely on large space heaters like my old Moores, plus the heat that rises from the first floor apts.

    Many of these flats are occupied by the poorest families, who must often resort to heating one or two rooms with electric space heaters to save on bills, while turning off the expensive gas heat. If these people give the wrong (truthful) answer to a couple questions at HEAP, they could end up in the cold, with no help for gas or electric heat, and no lights or power for appliances. Imagine that in a Buffalo, NY winter.
    Sorry about the section, the radio button kept shifting during the edit, hence the glitch.

    • ANSWER:
      Wrong section

    Is my guinea pig overweight?
    My guinea pig weighs 1.2 kilograms. He seems a little bit fat but is he overweight? If he is what can I do to help him lose a little bit of weight? I give my two guinea pigs (they live in the same cage) one and a half handfuls of mixed pellets and some timothy hay everyday. They get a carrot or an apple around every day or every 2 days. I also want to know if the gravity bin feeder a good idea for my guinea pigs? I'm going on holidays and I want to know it would make it easier if I didn't have to get someone in everyday to change their food, but only their water. When the guinea pigs eat the food does more food just keep on coming? I'm pretty sure that guinea pigs can't control their eating themselves and that they will just keep on eating. Is the gravity bin feeder a good idea?

    • ANSWER:
      The correct weight for a guinea pig is like the correct weight for a human, it depends on the size and bone structure of the individual. 1.2 kg works out to about 42 ounces which is about mid range for our adults. For show, a 6 month old animal or older must weigh 2 lbs (~900 g) though most are closer to 40 oz (~1.1kg).

      If he is flabby, he might be a bit too heavy or perhaps he just isn't fit. Even in an enormous cage lots of pigs just sit around and eat, well, like pigs without getting much exercise! The easiest way to get them to shape up a little is to put the feeder on one side of the cage and the water bottle on the other. Put a 2x4 board on edge between them and the pig will have to hop over it to get from the feed to the water. Be sure that the barrier isn't too high for the pig to get comfortably over. The idea is not to turn your pig into a high jumper, but merely to force him to get a little more exercise.

      I would get someone to both feed and water daily while you are gone. If you put 2 bowls and 2 water bottles in, you can get away for a night or 2, but anything longer requires a pig sitter. Even when we go to a show over a weekend we feel a lot more comfortable having our pig sitter feed and water daily.

    Leaving two kitties alone for 4 days?
    We're going on a trip for 4 days. The guy at the pet store said we could leave our cats food with a "gravity bin" --I'm thinking about getting one of those feeders with a timer so there's some portion control-- but our cats are very bad and have chewed through plastic before to get at food...

    So are those things junk? Is a gravity bin OK for 4 days?

    • ANSWER:
      Why not have someone come in a couple of times a day and make sure everything is OK, that's really the best answer. I would not wish to come home to litter boxes that had not been cleaned for 4 days. Many things can go wrong in 4 days and without someone checking on the cats, you are not be a responsible pet owner. After all you would not leave a child unattended with only an automatic feeder!

      Good Luck!

    Do you think I'm ready to get a guinea pig with the supplies I have? Any suggestions?
    Guinea Pig Supplies

    1.Super Pet My First Home Extra Large Cage

    2.Care Fresh Bedding

    3.Super Pet Giant Igloo

    4.Super Pet Tropical Fiddle Stix

    5.Waffle Blocks

    6.12 oz. Chew Proof Water Bottle (2 water bottles)

    7.Super Pet Veggie Basket

    8.Super Pet Rollin the Hay

    9.Super Pet Pro Slicker Brush

    10.Super Pet Critter Squeaky Clean Shampoo

    11.8 in 1 Small Animal Flea and Tick Spray

    12.Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel for Small Pets

    13.Super Pet Nut Knot Nibbler

    14.Harness and leash

    15.Super Pet Gravity Bin Feeder

    16.All Living Things Animal Playpen

    17.Salt Lick

    18.Tropical Hideaway

    19.Lixit Hay Rack

    20.Sunaturals Garden Salads

    21.Sushi Chews

    22.Large Bowl- n- bites

    23.Small Animal Mini pops

    24.Super Pet Come Along Small Pet Carriers

    25.Nature Balls 3 piece

    26.2 Ceramic Bowls

    27.Ware Treat K-Bob

    28.Twine and Dine Sticks and Nuts for Small Pets

    29.Small Natures Tooth Brush

    30.Cleaning Liquid for cage: half water and half vinegar

    31.3 good locations for Guinea Pig Cage

    32.Pond Liner or Plastic Sheet (option)

    33.Damp cloth to clean eyes ears nose weekly

    34.Oxbow Pet Products Vitamin C

    35.Grass Hideaway

    36.Nail Clipper

    37.8 in 1 Ultra Care Skin and Coat Supplement

    38.Oxbow Cavy Cuisine Guinea Pig Diet

    39.Activi Toys Hall of Mirrors Bird Toys

    40.Toy Shoppe Play Balls for Cats

    41.Nutriphase Natural Nibblers

    42.Super Pet Critter Cuddle Cup

    43.Oxbow Orchad Grass

    44.Litter Training Kit

    45.Petco ABC Block Chew Toys

    Snacks for Guinea Pigs

    1.Plants (edible)

    2. Fruit


    4.Dandelions greens




    8.Cauliflower Leaves

    9.Chicory (by itself)

    10.Head Lettuce



    13.Hard Bread

    14.Unsprayed Twigs from apple, pear, birch trees

    Play Ideas for Guinea Pigs

    1.Cardboard Box

    2.Rooting Box

    3.Sea saw

    4.Lookout Tower

    5.Agility Course

    6.Chew Tree

    7. Potty Training

    • ANSWER:
      OMG of course you are!! Go get your little piggy now!!

    Is there an optional clip for the Well p90 airsoft gun?
    it seems as though the gun is gravity fed so i wanted to know if i can buy a clip or make one like in this video.

    i didnt buy the gun yet but i was just wondering because shaking the gun to make bbs fall into the feeder each time sounds annoying. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      You could try buying a hicap MAGAZINE. It's not a clip.
      The Well P90 is NOT recommended. It's a shitty lpeg. The only decent P90's on the market are the Echo 1, CA sportlines, and the Tokyo Marui.

      Lowcaps aren't gravity led either... in fact. that's the only p90 magazine that I know of, that's gravity fed.

    paintball double trigger questions?
    ok, well i'm planning on buy a double trigger and electronic feeder but ATM i can only afford one of them, so i am wondering if buy a double trigger right now, will i still be able to shoot fast, even though i'm still using a gravity fed hopper? i know it wont shoot as fast as it would with the electric hopper, but will it still make a difference from a single trigger. also it is a mechanical trigger.

    • ANSWER:

    The advert for Noel's HQ on sky 1. What is the music, is it feeder? Please help!?
    it's on all channels and radio etc and its like OOOOOOO
    doesnt help i know, someone suggested embrace-gravity but its not I KNOW its feeder and i just dont know what song!

    • ANSWER:
      Feeder - Feeling the Moment

Redneck T Post Gravity Wildlife and Deer Feeder Corn Feeder 80lbs
Redneck T Post Gravity Wildlife and Deer Feeder Corn Feeder 80lbs
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