Food Plots

Here’s a look at different tips, tricks, and suggestions for all the different deer food plots.

Do Deer Eat Lettuce

Fact or Fiction: Do Deer Eat Lettuce?

Like I’ve mentioned in other places on this website, I get asked many questions about what one can and cannot feed deer at my day job. I recently entered into a conversation about deer eating lettuce, so I thought it might make sense to put some of the contents of that discussion on paper. The…

Field of Recently Cut Barley

Do Deer Eat Barley? Let’s Find Out

Whitetail deer have a diverse diet that includes food from several different natural and manmade sources. Since their diet is so diverse, there are always plenty of questions surrounding what deer can and cannot eat. In this post, I’ll try to answer the question: do deer eat barley? What is Barley? Barley is a type…

Do Deer Eat Peanuts

Do Deer Eat Peanuts? Feeding and Attracting Deer with Peanuts

Typically, at my day job, when people are asking about deer and peanuts, the questions are tied to one of three different scenarios: In this post, I’ll be focusing more on these groundnuts as a viable source of food versus how to keep the deer out of the peanuts in your garden. I’ll also try…

Do Deer Like Soybeans or Corn Better

Exploring Deer Preferences: Do Deer Like Soybeans or Corn Better?

Deer season strategy requires careful consideration of food plot selection to ensure optimal success. The choice of food sources for destination plots is essential, taking into account various factors such as food sources available, cover and stand access, equipment and budget, location, and deer activity patterns throughout the year. One commonly debated topic among deer…

Winter Rye Food Plot

Winter Rye Food Plot: A Proven Performer for Attracting Deer

In conversations with other deer hunters and land managers, one question or scenario that I’m routinely asked is this: If you only had one food plot available on a property, what would you plant? This question is an easy one for me, and I don’t even have to give it much thought. My answer is…

Winter Wheat or Rye for deer

Which is Better: Winter Wheat or Rye for Deer Food Plots?

Trying to choose the ideal or best crop for a deer food plot is always challenging because there are so many good food plot options available today. In addition, some food plot crops are better suited for specific growing conditions compared to others. For example, areas with a cold winter with moderate to heavy snowfall…