Deer Feeder FAQ’s

Have a deer feeder related question? Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you are a deer hunter or wildlife enthusiast, here are some of the most common questions and answers that people have related to deer feeders

Bucket of Chicken Feed

Will Deer Eat Chicken Feed?

Through my day job in the hunting industry, I’ve had several customers ask questions about deer and chicken feed. The most common question seems to be this one: Will deer eat chicken feed? From experience, I know that whitetails will consume chicken feed, but it seems to be a secondary food source for them versus…

Cracked Corn vs Whole Corn for Deer

Do Deer Like Cracked Corn or Whole Corn Better?

Through my day job and this website, I get to have lots of conversations about the diet of a whitetail deer, including all the food items they do and don’t seem to enjoy eating. One question that comes up frequently has to do with feeding deer cracked corn. The actual question being asked is usually…

Can Deer Eat Bread Safely

Can Deer Eat Bread Safely? Yes and No

Every month at my day job, I field calls and questions from people inquiring about what they can and can’t feed wild deer. Typically, these questions originate from deer lovers who are interested in feeding the local deer population in their backyard. One such question that comes up occasionally is: can deer eat bread? Then…

Do Deer Eat Celery?

Do Deer Eat Celery?

Most deer species, especially whitetail deer, have a very diverse diet that is primarily made up of natural food sources like nuts, grass, legumes, etc. However, deer are also known to consume vegetables and plants that are not native to their habitat. While deer will eat several fruits like apples, oranges, and pumpkins, the question…

Do Deer Eat Corn Cobs

Do Deer Eat Corn Cobs?

What to feed deer and how to feed deer are interesting topics that open the door to all kinds of questions related to those two activities. One deer food-related question that seems to cause a great deal of confusion is this one: do deer eat corn cobs? The confusion seems to originate with how the…

Can Deer Eat Oats

Can Deer Eat Oats?

Anytime someone asks me about feeding deer oats at my day job, I always feel the need to ask some follow-up questions to ensure that we are on the same page and to ensure that they are not asking if deer can eat oats made for human consumption (like Quaker Oats). I see and hear…